As a firearms enthusiast, I created this site to help others seek answers to their firearm related gear questions in the hopes that you become an informed purchaser. I know the frustrations of trying to search for pertinent information on forums, random websites and blogs to learn more about a product. It is my hope that this becomes a go-to place for learning about the products you are thinking about purchasing. Let’s face it: You work hard for your money, and in this industry it often doesn’t go very far. You want to make sure that what you purchase is going to fit your needs so as to not waste money on either a garbage product, or something you didn’t need.

If you would like to help out our community and have a review that you would like to see posted on this website, I would be glad to post it up for you. In the future, I intend to make this a community review site where you may post up your own reviews. But that is future. If you’re interested, please contact me at admin@firearmreviews.net.

Enjoy, and happy shooting!

– Admin